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RevMe - An innovative Approach to Connecting Autism to Society

For Autistic patients and their caretakers, help may come in the form of technology! We came up with a modern solution that can assist Autism patients by making them engaged, active, and confident.

Monitor and track daily tasks with a built-in checklist and categories.

Improve daily and independent living skills.

Enhance key social skills while engaging in realistic activities.

Reveal Your Inner Abilities

RevMe application offers autistic individuals an alternative approach for working towards self-reliance where feasible, by independently completing tasks related to daily living skills as often as desired to achieve proficiency.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, Download our app today.

About Us

RevMe App was inspired by my son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, now part of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), at age 6. Now a young adult, achieving independence wherever possible has become his top priority as he strives to follow in his siblings’ footsteps.

Even as there is a wealth of independent living skills related resources available to support individuals with autism and other disabilities, there appears to be opportunities for versatility to accommodate the needs deriving from the very broad spectrum that characterizes this condition.

Some autistic adults or young adults may experience guidance fatigue resulting from regular and often direct oversight received since diagnosis at very young age and may be drawn towards training tools with more independent processes. This is the case for my son, who displays a sense of pride and fulfillment when he accomplishes a task with little or no assistance. The empowerment that he feels and exudes in such circumstances fueled my drive to work on a learning tool that offers the chance to practice life skills activities independently in an interactive game-like format.

Our family embarked on the autism journey from the day that my son was diagnosed. From the special attention received from his siblings at home and on school grounds, the extensive tutoring-like sessions that became standard practice on every school night, to the management of his diet due to food sensitivities, while continuously being amazed at how a minor change in approach can produce fascinating results; We have steadily learned and grown with our precious, gifted, and unique son. We plan to add more topics and formats to future versions of RevMe, and hope that you will remain with us for this most personal, yet global ride.

Sincerely, Claudine Wega - Founder and CEO

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